Life Membership Criteria

Doncaster Dolphins: Award of Life Membership

Life Membership is the highest award available in the Doncaster Dolphins Masters Swimming Club and recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals to the Club. It is therefore only available to be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

Nomination for Life Membership

Any financial member may nominate another member for the Life Membership award.

Nominations must be submitted in writing, and must be signed by the Nominee and two other financial members, unrelated to the Nominee, who are seconding the nomination.

The nomination must list the history of service of the nominated member and set out the achievements, contributions and activities of the Nominee, which at minimum must meet the award criteria set out below.

Life Membership shall not be conferred upon more than one member in any financial year.

Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year, but successful nominations will only be conferred at the Annual General Meeting. 

Award Criteria

In considering the award of Life Membership an individual should have demonstrated outstanding, sustained and high quality service to the club.

The following points will be considered in any nomination:

  • The Nominee’s active length of service to the club shall be at least 10 years: ideally their contribution to the club will have been in multiple roles including service to the club in more than one of the roles of Swimmer, Committee Member, Coach, Official or other Volunteer
  • The following contributions should be worthy of consideration for Life Membership:
    • Active involvement in the development of swimmers as a Coach, Committee Member or Official in the service of the Club in an outstanding manner;
    • As a Swimmer, have represented the Club at National level and possibly at International level. In addition the nominee shall have been actively involved at Club level in helping with the development of the other swimmers in the Club by attendance at Club swim meets and other Club functions where possible;
    • As a Coach, have unselfishly and actively promoted the Club at swim meets and coached the swimmers outstandingly. Have represented the Club at clinics and seminars with significant contributions. Through coaching, have achieved Regional, State and possibly National recognition for their club;
    • As an Official, have significantly and outstandingly helped the Club in the understanding of the Swimming Rules through their officiating and teaching;
    • As a Committee member, have been unselfish in their work and dedicated to the ideals and success of the Club. Have contributed in a manner that creates a significant passage of history in the development of the Club;
    • As a Volunteer, have contributed significantly and beyond measure in their support of the Club.
  • The Nominee will have demonstrated valued leadership and/or been an outstanding role model to members in general
  • The Nominee’s service should reflect favourably on, and have brought credit to the club
  • The Nominee must be a currently active, financial member


These points apply to whatever role(s) the Nominee has participated in during their service to the Club in or out of the water. Length of service will not in any way guarantee the award of Life Membership as this is recognised through the Long Service awards.

Process for assessment of applications

All nominations must demonstrate attainment of minimum service requirements and other details of exemplary service.

Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary who shall present the nomination at the next Committee meeting after receipt of the nomination.

The Committee (a minimum quorum is required for any discussion in relation to Life Membership) will assess all nominations put forward for Life Membership based on the established criteria. The Committee may endorse of reject the nomination.

Award of Life Membership

If endorsed by the Committee the award will be conferred at the next Annual General Meeting.

Retraction of a Life Membership

Retraction of a Life Membership Award may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of the Doncaster Dolphins Masters Swimming Club. This provision will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances and will require the unanimous agreement of the Committee to be enacted. As part of the deliberations, the Life Member in question is to be given an opportunity to present their case for retention of their Life Membership status.

Benefits of Life Membership

In addition to the status of membership of a select group within the Club, Life Membership will be recognized by:

  • Exemption from any component of the annual membership fee directly applied by the Club**;
  • Listing on the Club website and other official documents;
  • Invitations to attend all official Club functions.

**however Life Members actively participating as Club Members will be required to maintain financial currency with Masters Swimming Australia and Masters Swimming Victoria for insurance purposes

Life Members

2003 Frank Godden

2005 Dorothy Dickey

2007 Mal Williams

2008 Greta Nixon

2016 Sue Harbottle

2019 Caroline Clarkson