Prospective members please contact the Member Liaison Officer with any questions about joining the club.

You are welcome to come and participate in 3 FREE Dolphins training sessions to gauge whether our club suits your needs. Please go to 'Training' tab for training session times.

Simply introduce yourself to one of the Dolphin coaches at the shallow end of the outdoor 50m pool. The coach will give you a card with the 3 free sessions where a hole will get punched each time you attend a session.

Once you have participated in your 3 FREE introductory sessions, enjoyed yourself and decided to continue swimming with the Dolphins, you will be required to become a member of the club.

All memberships are paid for online through the Masters Swimming Australia (MSA) website. The yearly membership fee covers MSA and Doncaster Dolphins membership in one payment. This membership ensures you are insured while swimming at any Masters Swimming organised event such as Dolphins training sessions.

To register, go to

Enter the 'Member Portal' on the right of screen then select 'New Registration' on the left and follow the instructions. Payment is by credit card.

Once you have paid your membership fee you will receive a 'Information Pack' from your coach. This will provide further information about our club.  

Membership Renewal- you will be sent a reminder annually via email to renew your membership and a link to do so.

Club members receive a very generous discount on Aquarena 12 month membership. You will need to present a printout or screenshot of your Dolphins Membership receipt at reception to receive the discount.

At present the Dolphins have a membership of roughly 100 swimmers from 18 years of age to people in their 80's.

Club members vary in ability from beginners, who only started swimming after reaching maturity, to members who have been swimming most of their lives. Some members hold State, National and International records whilst others swim purely for fitness and friendship. We value all members equally.

Membership entitles you to participate in all Club activities, to compete in all FINA Masters sanctioned meets, and to train with other Masters Clubs around the world.